Achieve the best possible visual quality

Real-time comparison of expected and implemented design. Built into iOS simulator.
We made Flawless for those, who are obsessed with quality of mobile apps.





We believe, that everybody should become a better professional and achieve the very best we can. Every day, at every project, with every mobile app.
Amazing people support our vision — our first users, opinion leaders, friends and advisers. We are making Flawless App together with them:
  • Alex Shelpuk was involved in many our user interviews. He suggested several tech solutions for the current version of Flawless App. Alex works as a Head of Software in famous pet startup, Petcube.
  • Pipedrive founder, Ragnar Sass kicks our asses all the time. He motivates us to move faster and work smarter. And, we founded Flawless at his hackathon, Garage 48.
  • Sergey Lem is the fastest bug reporter ever. He tested our builds 5 minutes after we sent it! Thanks to Sergey Flawless App is so polished now :)
  • Sergii Zhuk is senior Android developer, our friend & advisor. We talked with him about Flawless even before Flawless App was done. Sergii always helps us!
  • You probably have heard Vixentael security talks. Anastasiia Voitova is a lead engineer, mission-driven speaker and red-hair Swift magician. She made for us 2.5h lecture on designer/developer workflow and how to fit Flawless App in it.
  • Andrey Skrupnic is a Head of Software in hardware startup, Concepter. He pushed us to launch paid product faster! It’s very inspiring advice from one of the first alpha users.
  • Alexander Voronov is iOS developer in Stanfy. He shared useful insights on development workflow in mobile companies, how clients usually involved in the process and what it means for developers.
  • Alexey Logvin is a designer, developer and startup founder. He tested our alpha version and send us exciting screencast with all possible bugs. Great product feedback!
  • Talented developer and team-lead, Sergey Popenko made a great feature request. Thanks to him, we have done the comparison of long design screens. Our users love this feature.
  • Diana Prohoda, cool mobile designer, used Flawless App before we pivoted. She suggested many UX improvements to our onboarding and asked long design screen comparison too.
  • We got a great overview of Australian iOS ecosystem from Andyy Hope, Playgrounds Conference organizer. His participation in our user research helped us to make a feature list for Flawless App alpha.
  • Jordan Morgan is very kind iOS developer from Buffer. He explained the workflow of small dev teams inside huge US product startups. We love his blog and open-minded attitude :)
  • Alexey Demedeckiy is our Ukrainian friend and popular speaker. He shared with us insights on mobile dev workflow from the team-lead perspective. And his conference talks helped Lisa to learn Swift.
  • We met with Alexsander Akers during our Berlin trip. He gave us very useful insights on iOS development workflow in big product companies. Alexsander proposed ideas on integrating our product into that workflow.
  • Hector Zarate showed us how designers and developers can smoothly work together, even on such complex modular apps, like Spotify. Also, he kindly explained the concept of design language in dev environment.
  • Ignacio Romero is iOS developer in our beloved Slack. Thanks to Ignacio we fixed the signing issue. New users will no longer see the warning message: “this app is from an unidentified developer...”
  • Artem Novikov works as a Senior UX Designer in the huge Ukrainian development company, EPAM. Artem was with us since the first alpha version and helped to polish our product UX.
  • Kate Gridina is a proactive Ukrainian iOS developer. We met her in Berlin. She described development workflow in large e-commerce mobile teams. Also, Kate shared Flawless with fellow engineers to get us more feedback.
  • Ben Dodson kindly agreed to make a user research interview with us. As a professional iOS, watchOS & Apple TV developer Ben has pictured general state of freelance development.
  • Misha Karpenko is our very first alpha user. A good friend and talented iOS/macOS developer, Misha provided the longest feedback ever and 3-hour UX screencast.
  • Peter Witham stays with us since the first day and till now (thanks God!). He often reported weird crashes, suggested new features, helped us with PR and proofread our texts. Perfect user!
  • Artem Stepanenko is Ukrainian iOS Engineer. While we were visiting Berlin, Artem shared a lot of insights on visual quality control and how it usually checked in Europian companies.
  • Marat Ryndin was very honest about our first buggy product. Marat is a product designer and thanks to his UX reports we fixed many weird interactional issues.
  • As a senior design manager, Bogdan suggested us many cool features to make Flawless App useful for design teams. Bogdan Pryshedko introduced us to his ex-team at Yalantis, who beta-tested our product :)
  • Pedro Piñera gave us a lot of product feedback. He organized our first demo meeting with SoundCloud developers and designers! His willingness to help and pay-forward attitude motivated us during hard startup times.
  • Petya Korenev takes care about Ukrainian CocoaHeads community (together with beautiful Yuliya Keskin). He invited us to speak at meetups & community events. When we just started, Petya made an insider overview of local outsourcing market.
  • Yury Vetrov is very kind design manager, leading UX department at Mail.Ru Group. Yury pointed out on how Flawless could solve “design challenges” of the future. And he runs awesome design digest.
  • Sergey Butenko works as software engineer at MacPaw (ex-Yalantis). Sergey was our alpha user and committed many useful bug reports. His previous mobile team at Yalantis prepared huge Flawless review with fixes and improvements!
  • Start building beautiful iOS apps now!


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