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60+ great UI kits for iOS engineers

Sometimes we have to release products when we don’t have a nice design in place. We need to ship fast but keep good UX inside our iOS apps. As makers, we care about end users and think about them not only when we have our product releases every 2 weeks. So we need to wear the hat of UI designers from time to time...

Using prepared UI kits is done exactly for those moments. Since we firstly shared free iOS UI kits over our Medium blog, we found even more to share! Enjoy :)


iOS 12 UI kits
iOS 11 UI kits
UI kits for social apps
Travel UI kits
Food recipes UI kits
Chat & Messenger UI kits
eCommerce UI kits
More cool UI kits

iOS 12 UI kits

iPhone XR Mockups

Our design community is so fast! You already can use prepared design screens for new iPhone. Made for Sketch with all the color variants.

Apple Design Resources for iOS 12

Whenever you need to add some UI tweak, checking Apple Design Resources page will be a good idea. It’s constantly updated with new elements introduced in iOS 12. And it contains comprehensive UI resources for iOS, macOS, watchOS, marketing Imagery and more. You will find UI templates in Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD formats, everything totally in line with the iOS design language.

iOS 12 Mail App Concept Sketch Resource

Every new release of iOS prompts some updates to design, so this iOS 12 UI kit will make your life a bit easier (even if working with design is not easy for you in general). Here you will find over 10 different screens from Mail App Concept and a lot of useful UI elements. It’s easy to use & customize.

iOS 12 App Icon Template

This icon template is crafted for iPhone, iPhone X, iPad, Apple Watch and iMessage apps for use with Sketch. You can automatically resize icons in all needed sizes and it’s possible to set up individual properties for better result. The preview is available in mockups of the latest hardware, so you can easily check how the icon looks.

iOS 11 UI kits

iOS 11 GUI kit for Illustrator

Someone made a great job for us — 170 fully vectorized screens, different text styles, +1k UI elements. Each element changes easily. It helps you to make clear interfaces faster, so you don’t waste time on learning new guidelines or making design element by yourself. Available for Adobe Illustrator.

Design+Code iOS 11 UI kit

Need to make iOS 11 app from scratch? Check this iOS 11 Sketch UI kit adapted to Apple’s HIG. It collects completely different text designs, resizable fixed symbols and even a collection of dark theme elements. Using this kit is very simple as it allows you to customise anything you want, including colours, icons, content. Done with love by Meng To.

iOS 11 Screens & Components

A massive collection of core components and selected screens. This iOS 11 UI kit is designed for iPhone X & iPhone 8 and done according to the Apple’s HIG. Nice addition, it’s done for both Sketch and Figma.

iOS 11 GUI for Sketch App

The kit includes iOS 11 designs with 22 screens, 10 keyboards and fully vectorized elements. Also, vector shapes are layered, organized and grouped.

iOS 11 iPhone GUI by Facebook

A huge set of files that helps you work faster and improve your designs. Use these files to mock up apps, concept ideas, or create custom interface elements. Facebook team prepared sketch, psd, Origami and Framer templates of GUI elements.

iOS 11 UI kit for Adobe XD

You will absolutely like this UI kit if you’re working with Adobe XD. This kit contains 12 screens with some default iOS 11 designs for Control Panel, Lock Screen, AppStore screens and more.

iOS 11 UI kit for Figma

If you are Figma power user, you’d love this! Full iOS 11 GUI done in Figma format with 60 editable screens and elements. Btw, you can use Figma for free and it's pretty simple (the cover to this article was done in Figma :)

UI kits for social apps

Tinder iOS UI Kit Sketch Resource

If you are going to create a dating app and looking for sketch files, here you go. This UI kit contains 15 different views: Settings, Home, Like, Pass, Super Like, Profile, Matches, Chat, Feedback, Rate the App, Tinder Store, Messages, and more.

Momento UI kit Sketch Resource

Light and colorful Sketch UI kit for social media app. It’s full of inspiring elements, amazing screens, images, buttons and palettes. Indeed, it shows momentum of a brightful life.

Design social network UI files

It's not exactly UI kit but more a real concept of the network app for the design community. Prepared in the Sketch and Principle formats, including five Artboards: News, Videos, Favorite Articles, Activity, and Profile. Very bright and colorful, as the design community app should be :)

Snap UI kit

Prepared for you by Marvel folks, Snap has over 50 screens and many useful elements like buttons icons and forms. This design kit can be a huge time saver for implementing a photo app. Check it out!

Bronze UI kit

For a very unique social app experience, check out Bronze design kit with its distinctive colour scheme, shots and typography. It contains signup, login, user profile, blog screens and templates for articles. Bronze is free PSD UI kit and it’s not exactly for iOS platform. However, I loved its design, so take a look on it :)


A cross-platform UI kit for building intuitive social app experiences. Done by InVision team, this kit is oriented on desktop, mobile, tablet, and smartwatch formats. Available for Sketch & Photoshop in 3 colors.

Moon heart UI kit for Adobe XD

This is a very colorful kit for the image sharing app. It includes 23 different screens (!) spread across different categories: Login, Register, Boost Message, Slideshow, Gift, Vote & more. Optimized for iPhone X.

Travel UI kits

Travel App Sketch UI kit

Apart from an ocean of inspiration, you will find here a truly high-quality UI kit. Great color scheme, well-organized mobile screens, everything is complimentary. Available for Sketch.

Navigo iOS UI kit

UI kit for transportation & travel apps with the element of social profiles. Navigo is a huge iOS UI kit with 60 screens organized into several categories. Optimized for iPhone X and made for Adobe XD format.

Travel Guide App UI kit

Travel Guide is a real app concept, not a typical UI kit (but you are free to use it). Available for Sketch format with more than 10 designs.

Travelisto UI kit

Travelisto is a nice UI kit based on Sketch symbols for creating travel app prototypes. This iOS UI kit comes with 22 sample screens and is available in white & dark skins. The coolest thing about Travelisto is the ease of use. Try it out!

Harmony UI kit

Harmony is a Sketch mobile app concept with geolocation features, like finding, sharing and rating hiking places. Harmony includes over 10 iOS ready core screens designed in vector format and based on symbols. While it’s not so big, it’s made using a pretty cool color scheme. So, it’s worth checking out.

Lets Go Travel iOS UI kit

This is a PSD UI kit with all needed information for making a personal travel iOS app. Only 6 screens but it has design for choosing flights, train and bus tickets, and other crucial holiday information.

Food recipes UI kits

FLAVR iOS app concept

Flavr is about things that make us happy — cooking a tasty food (yeah, I love cooking!). It’s a sample recipes app with iOS views, which you can use for your personal projects.

Delicious UI kit

UI kit for a food app with a delicious name and delicious designs. It includes 11 pixel-perfect screens in Sketch format. The meals in this UI kit are so tasty!

iOS Recipes App UI kit

Here’s another recipe app iOS UI kit with 11 screens in Sketch format. Simplicity and minimalism at its best!

1357 Recipe App UI kit

Designed with user experience in mind, this elegant UI kit consists of 25 basic screens. It has not only cooking recipes screens but also layouts for Menu, Search, Community, Quotes & 9 more pages. Available in Sketch format.

Edacious – Food App psd UI kit

Edacious has an interesting story. It was a paid project, but the client decided that he doesn't need it anymore. So creative folks from Bangladesh decided to make a free UI kit from it. They shared 1 landing page and 18 iOS screens that come together to form a food-inspired mobile app. Available in .psd format.

Chat & Messenger UI kits

Mochi — Chat UI kit

Mochi is an excellent place to start with the chat app. It contains Sketch screens for logging in, signing up, scrolling through chat lists, full list of contacts and much more.

Chat: Minimal UI kit

Chat is a comprehensive UI kit for with 60 templates, 12 categories, and 80 UI elements, made by InVision. The design is minimal but the value is at its maximum! It’s psd and sketch UI kit.

WeChat — iOS UI kit

WeChat is super comprehensive! It has many assets, icons, screens, and interactions for the dominant Chinese messaging app: WeChat/Weixin. Provided in 2 languages — English & Chinese, with support for Chat, Contacts, Discover, Me tabs. It also has account pages, Moments, Profile, QR Code (so it’s really unique iOS Sketch UI kit).

Telegram iOS UI kit

Probably you know, that Telegram is a widely popular messaging app on the Russian-speaking markets. Whenever you need, you can use this iOS UI kit with its 6 Telegram app views for your first bot . It's available in Sketch format and comes with extensive Symbols.

Ego – Messenger UI kit

Ego is not purely an iOS UI kit, but it’s also very clean and useful if you need to work with Russian copy. All texts there are done for a Russian-speaking chat app. The kit has 20 well-designed mobile screens, minimalistic icons, and cool colour palette. Prepared for Adobe XD.

Messenger Platform Design kit

Need to make a bot for your iOS app? Here you go! Check this official UI kit for Facebook Messaging bot, which includes components for both conversational and GUI-based experiences. Available for Sketch.

eCommerce UI kits

Minimal Chic iOS UI kit

It’s a stylish mobile UI kit designed for iOS. Chic is perfect for anyone looking to create an e-commerce iOS app because it has product category views, product pages, account settings and login screens. Available in Adobe XD format.

Portal freebie

It’s several nice screens for mobile e-commerce app. You will love its bold heading fonts and full-screen background images. An awesome little UI kit built for Sketch!

Wilhelm iOS UI kit

This is a customizable iOS UI kit that contains Walkthrough, Sign in / Sign Up, Menu, Reading, e-commerce, Media player categories. It has various Sketch screens that will suit both e-commerce mobile project or social app development.

Helen iOS UI kit

If you need to make a women clothing app from scratch, check Helen is a beautifully designed iOS e-commerce UI kit for Sketch and Photoshop. All elements are well organized into 11 high-quality screens. Perfect fit for a fashion clothing iOS app.

Mcommerce UI kit

One more e-commerce UI kit with 120+ screens. As makers mentioned, Mercatus was inspired by 1980’s casual culture, European designer clothes and modern minimal aesthetics. The Sketch UI kit looks very stylish and clean.

More cool UI kits

iOS 11 Place UI kit

It contains 22 iOS 11 screens and vector icons. Place kit has everything you might need: lists, catalogues, maps, tips and all types of camera views for every stage of the AR experience. Made in .sketch format for iPhone X resolution.

Movies App UI kit

Need to make something similar to Netflix app? No worries, this bright-coloured iOS UI kit is a great pick! This movie based kit has 30 Sketch screens with fully customizable layouts and layers. Designed for iPhone X and available both in English and Chinese. I loved it!

Elements: iOS UI kit by Sketch

This iOS UI kit contains five different themes, 35 templates and more than 175 Symbols. It has all the required  Sketch screens for Food, Social, Music, Photography, and Travel iOS apps. Everything is easy to customize, from colours to symbols and beyond. This kit will definitely help you speed up your workflow!

Holo Music Dark and Light kits

It’s a very colourful and modern UI kit for a music app, done in dark and light themes. The free version has screens for a playlist and a player, available in Sketch format. Not so huge but nice-looking :)


A detailed and carefully crafted iOS UI kit. This is actually a music app concept, which contains 10 ready to use screens. Available in Sketch format.

Wonep Calling App

iOS UI kit of a call app for international talks. Sketch file includes over 30 unique screens and several UX flows: Onboarding, Recent Calls and Contacts, Dialing, Billing, Selecting Favorites. It also has a principal file with animation to clarify the user experience through the app.

Banking UI kit

Neat banking-themed UI kit for Sketch with 50 screens, ready to prototype templates, dozens of icons and buttons. It looks very fresh & clean and will be a great starting point for anyone who needs to create an online banking experience from zero.

Personal Finance UI kit

I loved the playful style of this finance UI kit. The app content  covers managing your income, finding ATMs near you, sending money to family & friends and many more. It’s Adobe XD UI kit with 40+ screens for iPhone 6,7 and X layouts.

Clean & Modern iOS UI kit

This kit includes several crucial screens for mobile application success: introduction screen, a nice and minimal signup and login screens, a screen for creating a news section, a user profile screen and many others. The overall theme for this one is content, so take what sticks and put it all together.

Real Estate App UI kit

Very clean UI kit with 25 artboards organized in categories: Onboarding, Sign In, Permissions, Home, Discovery, and Posts. Available in Sketch format.

Social Leads app concept

This is concept of iOS app for managing leads. The Sketch file includes 9 views with the ability to add notes, tags, and sending reminders to a lead.

I hope these UI kits will make your work easier or even inspire you to start learning mobile design. Keep learning and making new things!

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