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Best iOS hacks from Twitter: October & November Edition

Time to supercharge your workflow with useful iOS learnings from our community.

Today we’ll take a look at many debugging tips, UIKit hacks, App Store Connect recommendations, and Xcode shortcuts. Cool to see that community also shared insights around iPad Pro 😏

Happy coding!

Twitter tip #1

Autolayout can be hard, especially when you have no idea where the mistake happens. NSConstraintBasedLayoutVisualizeMutuallyExclusiveConstraints flag will help you easier debug Cocoa apps layout issues:

Twitter tip #2

Check this thread with nice lldb + Swift tips on working with memory addresses:

Twitter tip #3

When you deal with Xcode memory graph debugger, follow this advice:

Twitter tip #4

Using ‘inspect’ method instead of ‘forEach’ leads to more complex functional chains.

Twitter tip #5

Having old test apps over App Store Connect? Maybe, it's time to delete them...

Twitter tip #6

Nice script to update your app build number. Also, take a look at the comments under Dave tweet.

Twitter tip #7

Useful for Mac developers: you can automatically enable new document windows to appear in the same place. Go to NSWindowController -> User Defined Runtime Attribute.

Twitter tip #8

As someone in the comments said, UIKit is full of undocumented hacks 😂

Twitter tip #9

The Face ID is finally working on iPad Pro (12.9-inch and 11-inch). And you can play with its setup UI right there, in Swift playground:

Twitter tip #10

Use splitscreen on iPad like a pro:

Twitter tip #11

If you meet delays in changing buttons appearance:

Twitter tip #12

Thanks to Rahul who shared this shortcut with me. Now whenever you feel lost in your Xcode tabs, use this:

and some more neat Xcode shortcuts:

Twitter tip #13

You can copy & paste UI from XIB right to your design tool (works only for AppKit controls, not UIKit). We have designs prepared before, so it’s not typical to copy from code to design tool :) But might be useful for indie developers:

Twitter tip #14

Apple is perfect in everything!

And some fun 😀

P.S: As always, huge thanks to our Lead iOS developer, Andrew Chersky, for bringing more tips into the final article.

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Lisa Dziuba

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Best iOS hacks from Twitter: October & November Edition