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Great UX designers to follow on Twitter

If you’re curious about what’s going on in the design community, Twitter is a good place to start. Design articles, hidden UX tips, free goodies, tutorials, typical UI mistakes, and inspiring work — all in your feed and under 280 characters.

I’m very interested in mobile UX & UI, neat mobile animations and the psychology of design. So in this post, I will mention people & companies who tweet a lot of design-related content and share insights around some of these topics.

Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski is the Product Director at Google, designer at scale, and founder of two start-ups (acquired by Google and Twitter). Luke is the author behind Mobile First and several other books. Impressive, that he was also a designer at Mosaic web browser.

Luke shows mobile-first approaches in action. He highlights best practices and pitfalls for mobile UX (mostly Android). Luke’s Twitter is informative, with good redesign examples, tips for A/B testing, statistical data, and reviews of design editions of big companies.

David Teodorescu

If you are looking for hand-picked articles, check David Teodorescu’s feed. He is a product designer at Fitbit, speaker, and writer. David  is often posting learnings in-between experience design and psychology.

As you will notice, David tweets rarely but shares interesting UX & UI content. His feed combines a mix of topics, from UX researchers, gamification, DesignOps to mobile animation tips.

Alla Kholmatova

Alla Kholmatova works in the energy startup Bulb and often tweets about their design process. She also shares insights from the design conferences and tells a lot on design systems.

Developers were using reusable components as frameworks for ages now. It’s so good, that design world is getting aligned with this concept too. And you can find many nice guides on design systems over Alla's feed.

Meng To

I’m a big fan of Meng To and his contribution to our community. Meng is a self-taught designer, developer, and creator of Design + Code. He teaches how to make magic with Swift, React, ARKit, and runs free courses on Framer X, Figma, InVision Studio.

Meng shares “work in progress” while creating the courses, so you can see many tips on using different design tools. Also, you can find cool design goodies on his Twitter, like UI kits, free plugins, and discounts.

Pablo Stanley

I bet you have seen Pablo Stanley’s comics, YouTube courses or free avatars generator for Sketch. Pablo Stanley is a lead designer, founder, mentor, and writer.

Pablo’s twitter is full of colorful illustrations, adorable comics, and learning videos. His animated comics about designers’ life are so funny and realistic! And Pablo often shows how to create them, by posting frame-by-frame illustrations and tips on using tools.

Gleb Kuznetsov

Gleb Kuznetsov is an interaction designer, who has worked in popular UX agencies.

Gleb showcases designs for AI products: voice interfaces, motion animations, 3d projections, emotional interfaces and more. Also, you can find interesting design shots for high-tech products, cars, boats, and architecture. If you want to see some amazing mobile animations, Gleb often shares them.

Toni Codina

I saw Toni on Product Hunt, where she shared her projects and actively engaged with the community. Toni is an aspiring designer, developer and maker, who is just 17 y.o.

She tweets about her design process, launching new things and interesting design projects, she found on Product Hunt. Her Twitter feed is very-very positive!

Steve Schoger

Steve Schoger shares useful design tips, which you can find in this Twitter Moment (check them out!). Steve shows the process of creating the Refactoring UI book and sends some free chapters. He also recommends useful design tools, and posts illustrations over his feed.

More cool designers to follow on Twitter

  • Nick Babich with tweets on mobile UX, animations in mobile and many of his design guides.
  • Joyce Li recommends interesting tools, plugins, design events (but tweets not so often).
  • Charles Patterson is a very cute designer, working at InVision and sharing how to do cool stuff with their products.
  • Matt D. Smith  (MDS) is a maker of Flowkit, who shares his work process and design tips from the community.
  • Alex is a product designer behind Twist and Todoist apps, who posts about remote work and their design process.
  • Paweł Szymankiewicz is a product designer from Poland. Paweł tweets mostly UX & UI articles and news.
  • Anthony Arnold made designs for online healthcare service and consumer delivery apps. His Twitter highlights medical app designs, pleasant UIs  and a lot of design jokes...
  • Fem runs a design podcast, works at Uber and shares insights from her experience, conferences, public talks.
  • Dorian Dargan works at Human Interface Design team at Apple and posts many design-related news from San Francisco.
  • Diana Stoyanova, Gica Tam and Laura Lewis —  all of them post amazing adorable illustrations. So different and so cute. If you have a bad day, check those illustrations and they will definitely make you smile :)
  • You can also check this thread by Seth Jenks, where people commented whom they are following from the creative community. Also, Chikezie Ejiasi mentioned many black designers over Twitter.
  • If you wish to follow even more interesting people, you can scroll through FollowFriday project.

Companies & blogs Twitter

I'm reading several Twitter accounts of companies & design blogs. These ones I'd really love to recommend:

  • Prototypr.io — design news and inspiration from all over the web, run by our good friend Graeme Fulton. Prototypr.io is a community-driven space with a Medium blog, Makerspace, Tools Recommendation, Time Machine and much more cool stuff for creative people.
  • HeyDesigner — twitter feed with curated design articles for product people, UXers, PMs and frontend developers, made by Tamas Sari. HeyDesigner collects dozens of fresh design & development articles daily, so you can see everything in one place.
  • InteractionDesignOrg — firstly, a few words about this organization. It's a nonprofit initiative to learn about UX design through our open-source educational materials. InteractionDesignOrg is very active over Twitter, they share many design guides, nicely made quotes and inspirational visuals. If you're new to design, learn from their tweets or take some of their courses.
  • Smashing Magazine — it’s an account of popular design & development online magazine, sharing all around design universe.
  • Dribbble and Behance — here you can grab some inspiration and see nice shots & design works shared by the design community. Less mobile design, but useful for general inspiration.
  • Facebook Design, Airbnb Design and Lyft Design Twitter accounts — all of them tell about internal design processes and cool things behind the scene.

🤔 What designers are you following on Twitter?

I’m sure, there are many more great designers who post interesting things. Please, share your recommendations. And thanks to those people who already recommended great people to follow!

Lisa Dziuba

Lisa Dziuba

Swift Learner & Flawless App co-founder. Part of CocoaHeadsUA team. Product Hunt Maker of the Year Runner-Up. Fun, happy and food addicted girl :)

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Great UX designers to follow on Twitter