Design Tools Weekly

Enrich your design toolbox and become a better designer on the way.

Series of must-try tools and practical resources on using them. Oh, and it's absolutely free.

100% Free. Forever

We believe everyone in our community deserves to have equal access to opportunities & learning resources.

300+ Grouped Tools

Every week you’ll be getting 10 design tools dedicated to solving specific tasks — from wireframing to design systems.

How-To Guides

With all the recommended tools you’ll receive several hand-picked guides to help you start using them.

Level up Your Skills

Discover new design tools every week and learn at your own speed, constantly.

Design Faster

Design workflow is far from ideal. Find new solutions to speed up your design process.

Design Better

The design market is moving fast. Stay in the loop and keep an eye on new tools to learn.

What you will learn?


Learning Resources

Beginner and advanced design video trainings, different courses, e-books, and guides.


Design Basics

Start with fundamentals: master colors, fonts, typography, and accessibility.


Understand Users

Try user research and analytic tools to see people behavior, needs, and real usage.


Design Process

All you need to know — mockup, user flow, prototyping, UI & UX, design-to-code tools.


Better Workflow

Supercharge your workflow with collaboration, handoff, design system, versioning tools.


Advanced Skills

Master animation, AR, sound design, 3D modeling, logo design, and pixel art tools.


Design Resources

Free stock photos and videos, inspiration design sites, illustrations, and icons tools.

What people say

As a developer, I deeply care about the user-facing visuals of the software I work on. Design Tools Weekly helps to stay up to date with the relevant tools and have a fluid conversation with my designer pals.

Eduardo Toledo

iOS developer

At Prototypr, we see dozens of new design tools each day! Design Tools Weekly is a new and useful format to grasp these tools in a structured way, providing more clarity in what can be an overwhelming landscape.

Brought to you by real people

I wish to be a better version of myself, learn more and create really useful products.

Luckily, when you’re working in design & development space, you have so many opportunities and tools to fulfil your dream. Even too many! You can find dozens of tools for wireframing, mocking, prototyping, designing, coding.

But a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Every week you can take a step in learning new tools and becoming a better version of yourself. That’s the main goal of Design Tools Weekly.

Awesome Design Tools

The best design tools for everything. Curated by Lisa Dziuba & Valia Havruliyk.

Flawless Feedback

Visual feedback for iOS apps. Comment on mobile app’s screens and interactions.

Flawless App

Tool to compare expected design and real implementation for iOS app developers.