Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What platforms does Flawless App support?

    Flawless App runs on macOS 10.10 or newer.

  2. How can I install Flawless App?

    Buy Flawless App for $49.99. Next you’ll get Flawless App archive with the application file ( Simply unarchive the archive and move the .app file to the Application folder. Double click on the .app file and you’re done. Flawless App icon will appear in the menu bar.

  3. How to enter Flawless App license key after I bought it?

    After the purchase, you will obtain the Personal License and the license key will be sent to your email. You have to open Settings window in your Flawless App. Then press Activate Now button and simply enter the license key.

  4. Which design files can I use with Flawless App?

    Flawless App supports many available image file types, like png, jpg, jpeg, gif and tiff. Also, you can use Sketch App files directly with Flawless App (isn't it terrific!)

  5. Do you support Photoshop files?

    We don’t support .psd files. However, you can export .psd file as an image and use it with Flawless App.

  6. Does Flawless App work inside my iOS application to be able to compare designs in simulator? (privacy concern)

    Absolutely no. Flawless App uses a special integration inside iOS simulator as a plugin and it works in a separate process so we don't have direct access to your application. As developers, we respect privacy. For more details, please, read our Privacy Policy.

  7. Do I need to integrate any third-party library in my iOS app project to make Flawless App works?

    Flawless App works like a charm without any additional setup in your code base. Just install Flawless App and that’s all.

  8. How long does Personal License work?

    You get the Personal License for one year. You will receive free updates and product support during the full year.

  9. How many machines can I use my license on?

    A single Personal License can be used on 2 machines.

  10. How do I transfer my Personal License to a new machine?

    In case your machine was broken or stolen and you would like to restore your license key, please, write to

  11. Can I add additional users to an existing Personal License?

    Not at this time, you must purchase a new Personal License.

  12. Do you offer refunds?

    Flawless App is offered with a free, fully functional 1 week trial to assess its features and functionality. All sales are final. Please contact us at if there has been an administrative error in your order.

  13. How can I update Flawless App?

    Flawless App is updated automatically over the cloud as soon as updates become available.

  14. Can I unpin Flawless App icon from status bar?

    Yes. You can unpin window from the status bar and place it wherever it's comfortable for you.

  15. Do you have hotkeys?

    ⌃⌥→ hotkey for switching between selected design images;
    ⌘⇧E hotkey for enable/disable comparison;
    ⌘⇧R hotkey for switching between comparison modes.
    You can also change hotkeys in the settings window anytime.

  16. Will Flawless App be available on the Mac App Store?

    We're not planning to release Flawless App on the Mac App Store because of all its frustrations. By selling outside the store, we can release updates as often as we like. Also, we are free to pursue advanced features that may not be possible if Flawless App was in the Mac App Store.

  17. The comparison doesn’t work. What can I do?

    Don’t worry! The most popular reason for it is wrong Command Line Tool path in your Xcode. You should have the same Command Line Tool as your Xcode version. Go to Preferences window from the menu bar:
    Xcode > Preferences > Locations > Command Line Tools
    You need to set correct version of the command line tool. For example, if you have Xcode 8.3.3 you should select same Command Line Tool.

  18. How to contact your technical support and what I can ask?

    Send an email to Feel free to ask us everything about Flawless App. We also can provide an emotional help to startup founders, who have difficult times. If you would like to report an issue, we will really appreciate steps to reproduce the problem, along with links to any supporting media that may be required to trigger the problem. Feature requests are more than welcome!

Getting started with Flawless App

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