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So I sent Flawless Feedback to your email. Please, give it a try. And if you’d love to chat or share your feedback, drop me a line at lisa@flawlessapp.io

Lisa, co-founder

Leave feedback on your iOS apps

Easily review and annotate the live app. Turn UI issues & bugs into JIRA tickets or Trello cards

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How does it work?

Get app build and mirror it to your Mac

Ask a developer in your team for iOS app build, which you want to review. And run Flawless Feedback on your Mac. Then mirror the app to your Mac via Screen Mirroring feature. Start leaving feedback.

Leave feedback on the live app

While you play with the app on iPhone or iPad, you can capture screenshots in Flawless Feedback on your Mac. Screenshots will appear right on your Mac, so you can annotate them easily.

Share & Track the feedback

You can leave comments on every app screen and report visual issues, UI bugs, design fixes. When you have finished, send comments as a simple link. Add the link to Jira ticket, Trello card or Asana task. Your feedback will never be missed!

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Give feedback on developers’ implementation faster. No more making dozens of screenshots

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